Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

Welcome to The Sparkling Wedding, where passion meets perfection in the realm of photography and videography. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in various types of videos and photography, ensuring that your wedding memories are captured flawlessly. As the leading wedding photographers in Kolkata, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every moment of your special day is preserved in the most enchanting way possible.

What do we mean by Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

A pre-wedding shoot can be done at any time before the actual marriage. Pre-wedding photoshoot does not focus on marriage decoration, family, clothes and foods. Those photos are shot only for couples, so they can capture their love story before they officially tie the knot.

Location Scouting for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Different locations show couples different looks. As we are wedding photography services in Kolkata, we know different types of beautiful locations in Kolkata. Which can enhance your most important moment and show your real beauty.

Popular locations for Pre Wedding Shoot in Kolkata

Different locations show couples different looks. As we are wedding photography services in Kolkata, we know different types of beautiful locations in Kolkata. Which can enhance your most important moment and show your real beauty.

Why is a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Important?

Pre wedding photoshoot captures your real emotions as an unmarried couple. Those photos are going to be memorable after you spend multiple years together and it gives your wedding album a new charm.

Roles and Responsibilities of PreWedding photographers in Kolkata for your wedding.

We already work with multiple clients and our professional photographer is well aware of Kolkata’s most used pre wedding authentic location. They will assist you to create something new and beautiful every time. We know how important your marriage is and we are fully ready to capture it on our cameras.

Selection of costumes for pre-wedding shoots

If you’re ready to shoot a pre wedding photoshoot our photographer tells you which costume is good for the location depending on your looks and physique. Don’t worry they will tell you all the necessary details you required in your candid photoshoot. They always make sure your comfort and try to create best results.

Why Us?

We are a Kolkata-based well trained professional photographer team and give our services to thousands of couples every year.

As we are the best Kolkata wedding photography services, we believe in providing great evergreen photos to our clients and make sure those photos recreate that moment whenever they see their photos.

Moreover, you can see our portfolio for our passion towards wedding photography. We only believe in quality work because we that Your children and grandchildren are going to see those photos.

Some Innovative Pre-Marriage Ideas


This is the most popular photoshoot done by new couples because it shows their tradition, tribes and the root of their birth. Every couple has pride in their culture and they want to pass those traditions to their children and the best way of inspiring your children for our tradition is our wedding photographs.


It mostly depends on the exotic location and good-looking outfit but the core of that glamour is your chemistry. Our photographer knows exactly how to show glamour in your photos with love. Other photographers focused on glamour but we know what to show on which margin glamour with a couple of moments gives your photo some unique touch.

Keep it Simple & Casual

Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve but with a year of experience, we can give you our guarantee. Your photos with some quick touchup and tricks. We can create some beautiful masterpieces it will hang on your walls for multiple decades.

Candid Photography

Candid means truthful in those photos. Photographers try to capture real moments of couples such as when they are smiling, hanging out, and doing some work. It’s recently gotten popular in the mainstream but it looks good in the long run because it shows a different perspective of newly wedding couples.

Royal Photography

We are pretty sure once in a while you think of yourself as king/queen in your life. It’s almost every second person’s hidden fantasy to click photos in royal attire. It looks cool, and sturdy and shows your couple’s real beauty.

A dream couple

We click multiple photos of our most memorable moments because we want to feel those moments of happiness and vibes again and we want to show others how our most memorable moments were created plus it also helps you to tell your wedding story more effectively.

Our photographer used new cameras and equipment. It will never miss any single Moment of your pre-wedding shoot and provide you with high-quality photos with great detailing. We never compromised the quality of our photos.

Match made in heaven

We know the right tricks to capture cool pre-wedding portraits

We have a collection of multiple lenses which can give you different ecstatic in your photos. Whether you want to click your photos at night or on a sunny morning. We have a team of the best pre-wedding photographers and they are well aware of every situation and small technical details on your photoshoot.

Key factors about Sparkling

We have already done multiple shoots with multiple couples on different locations and themes and praised by their family and friends. We have pride in our skillset and know what is best for you which is why lots of couples consider us the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Something like a fairytale

We didn’t say your pre-wedding photoshoot is going to look like fantasy but we can assure you that your pre-wedding photoshoot is going to be memorable for both of you. It’s certainly forced to make you smile with joy whenever it comes in a well-structured album.

Although you can fulfil your fantasy in your pre-wedding photoshoot, we are always open to your ideas and themes.

Creative Ideas and themes

If you already have some plans for your pre-wedding themes we are happy to hear that or you can look at our portfolio for some inspiration too.

We are always looking for new and unique ways to make your pre-wedding photoshoot more beautiful.