Casual Pre Wedding Shoot dresses for all budgets

Pre-wedding photoshoots are necessary and become a new trend, especially among youngsters. However, it’s a great chance for couples to get to know each other. It also helps them to decide which pose suits best and which necessary adjustments they need to do before the actual wedding.

Remember that a great photo requires a good location and a good outfit. If anything is missing, you aren’t going to get positive results. However, as a team of the Best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we know which dresses you need to create that magic. In this post, we’re going to bring some great dress ideas for your candid wedding photographs.

1. Create Spark In Your Pre Wedding Photos With A Colourful Gown

The combination of a beautiful couple in a beautiful dress with an authentic location and one of the Best wedding photographers in Kolkata can easily create a breathtaking moment. With a single colourful gown, we are going to create a masterpiece that can easily replicate the mesmerising moment we are seeing from our childhood in our favourite movies. Where a bride and groom hold hands and the bride’s gown floats with slow winds. Those types of single photos are more beautiful than your overall album.

2. Let’s See The Magic Of Evergreen Anarkali Dress

The Anarkali dress is evergreen in India. This dress has been carried by millions of women in the last century. This is not just a dress to cover your body. If it’s carried by the right woman it can increase that woman’s beauty more than she expected. Wear this dress with confidence with great makeup and some jewelry if you want and you’re all ready to look like a princess. If you look like a princess it doesn’t mean you forgot your prince. Give some authority to your partner and rest is our job to capture those beautiful moments in our cameras.

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Image Courtesy: Stories by Anju Modi

3. Enjoy Some Playful Moment With Double Dungarees Jeans

You properly wear a dungaree in some moments of your life, especially in your childhood. So why not try now on your pre-wedding photoshoot to bring those childish innocent moments ever again? Hence, most couples go for traditional dress and aren’t aware of the joyfulness of this pre-wedding dress. You can change that with your dungaree dress and we recommend you both wear it because it looks cool plus with our candid wedding photographers team we try our best to generate those natural emotions because we know that a traditional wedding pose didn’t go with dungarees.

Image Courtesy: Photo Poets

4. Look Cute With a Simple and Beautiful Midi Dress

Every girl wants to be beautiful as well as cute in her pre-wedding attire and the midi dress fulfils both categories. Midi dress comes in many different colours which you can choose from so you can try different colours with your partner and explore the different poses. It didn’t require any heavy jewellery and makeup. Although, it’s very comfortable with all body shapes and looks more beautiful with short girls. You can look gorgeous with this dress, just wear your sandals and some casual chain. Now you’re ready to charm your personality on the camera.

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Image Courtesy: Stories by Hitched and Clicked

5. Go With Authentic Lehenga For Strong Couple

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not complete without the lehenga, after all, it’s one of the most beautiful dresses we have. Lehenga is an authentic Indian dress and is best for creating long-term memories of your love in your wedding album. It’s also one of the great dresses to try some Bollywood poses with your partner. Make sure you select your pre-wedding location before buying the lehenga. A beautiful background can show your lehenga’s true beauty. You can also try some different locations to test your photos with unique poses and don’t forget to wear matching colours with your partner.

Image Courtesy: Wed Me Good

6. What do you think about the traditional saree?

In India, women wear saree regularly to show their ethics, beauty, and charm. So why not show your charm before the actual wedding in the photos? With a saree you’re not only going to click some great photos with your partner you’re also showing your partner how they both are going to look after the wedding. It’s a great way to create suspense and excitement between both of you. In addition, when you’re gifted with a child in the future they also get very happy to see you in a saare before the wedding. Saare is not only a dress, it’s an emotion of a Hindu family. So wear it with elegance and it’s not going to disappoint you. If you’re confused about picking on a saree then ask your mother she will probably give you some best suggestions.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Planner Pune

7. Go Back On Your Dating Period With A Regular T-Shirt And Denim Jeans

If you’re going to a love wedding then you’re probably going to miss those old days when you and your partner hung out with each other in parks, watched movies in the theatre, and late night dinners. Those moments are special in our life and they should be captured in real-time. Worry not, we are here to recreate those cute moments with your partner. Just wear any t-shirt you like with jeans and we are good to go for some great portrait pictures. You don’t have to act formal, just act normal and rest is our job.

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Image Courtesy: Stories by Vijay Dhoom Photography

8. Spread Your Beauty With A Colourful Salwar Suit

If you ask for the most comfortable casual outfit for daily purposes then most women go with a salwar suit. It’s not only the most comfortable one out there but it’s also one of the most beautiful outfits we have. That’s why we add this to our pre-wedding photoshoot dresses list. You didn’t require much to carry with a salwar suit. Just wear your sandals with it and light makeup and you’re ready to give some great poses as a future wife, mother, and caretaker of the house. The best thing about the salwar suit is that it looks good in every body shape and type.

Image Courtesy: Stories by Krandeep Photography

9. Create Some Shiny Moment With A Glittering Dress

Let’s bring some glamour to your pre-wedding photoshoot with a glittering dress. If you want a wow factor in your photos then this dress is best for you. Wear it with a pair of high heels and good makeup. It’s made for blowing others’ minds plus shows your different look in your pre-wedding photoshoot. Day by day this dress is becoming a couple’s choice because we know how we are going to look in another dress or we have some kind of idea of our look but in this dress, we are going to surprise ourselves and our partners with a unique look.

Image Courtesy: Book Eventz

10. A Tube Dress For Something Different

If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies then you’re going to love this dress. It’s a western dress but it’s getting popular all over the world. The dress is simple to wear and looks beautiful for a normal body. If you’re gained some weight then you should avoid this dress or you can lose some weight to look good in this. It’s a shoulderless, sleeveless dress that’s why it focuses on your middle body. You can wear it with good sandals or heels and pose with your partner.

Image Courtesy: Book Eventz

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