Top 10 must-try Bridal photoshoot poses

Did you see your parents’ wedding album with their different bridal poses? If you didn’t let us tell you some brief about it, in the old day’s people didn’t know how to pose because at that time cameras were a very special technology and there were some people with good camera kits.

Hence, people aren’t aware of the camera because their photos look like someone is clicking their photos at a gunpoint. You can see those photos on google where people are weirdly staring at the camera. But, you don’t have to face that problem anymore because a Wedding Photographer in Kolkata is here with some great bridal photoshoot poses for you.

1. The first look

The most beautiful a bride looks when she starts getting ready in her dressing room with her makeup artist or adjusting her dress. Those all create candid moments and it looks the same as any movie scene where the heroine is getting ready for her movie scenes. Here photographers can click multiple pictures with makeup and try different things to create something special. The bride also can give some good Bridal poses with her makeup accessories, friends, and clothes.

2. Pose While Walking

Indian weddings take time, there are lots of things family members have to prepare before the actual wedding ceremony. The bride always enters the wedding at the last moment when the groom with his family comes to the bride’s home. When the bride comes with full jewellery, a shining dress, and perfect makeup with her finds and sister that is the most electric moment for every photographer. At that moment if the bride just looks at the camera with a sweet smile it’s more than enough. We didn’t need any special poses, because that moment created enough charm for a Photographer.

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Image Courtesy: Wedding Sutra

3. Let’s Try Flower Shower

We can capture the time with a single photo and the most popular photos are those which can capture mid-air objects. You can also get that type of photo with a flower shower. As we know, flowers are used in bulk in any wedding ceremony because of their beauty, fragrance, and spiritual values. Most flowers are left out without any usage in a Hindi wedding ceremony so why not use them to capture a great portrait picture with some bridal poses? You can use both hands to throw some flowers above your head and when some of them touch your face it creates a joyful expression and shows you are enjoying the moment plus it looks stunning.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Wire

4. Close-Up Pose

Close-up photos are some different places in our wedding album. It might get old but still in trend and loved by all family members. You cannot be denied that close-up photos show the bride’s real charm. It’s focused on the bride’s face with a full background blurred and only focused on capturing the bride’s happiness. Most people prefer two types of close-up photos: the first is black and white and the second is colourful. In those photos, you can look into the bride’s eyes with her beautiful smile and her well-settled hair plus her shining jewellery. These photos are simpler than others so it also didn’t take much time and effort to shoot them.

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5. The Adorable Mehndi Pose

There are many types of mehndi designs available in India and every woman is having a different design on her hands. Some girls have full-fledged mehndi on their hands and toes. Mehndi takes lots of effort and patience because birds take care of their mehndi and wait until it’s fully dry for removal. That all hard work pays well in the end. Bridget is a beautiful dark colour from their Mehandi. It looks great with adorable bridal photoshoots where the bride can showcase her eye-catching mehndi designs with her unique dress and full-fledged designer jewellery.

6. Breathtaking Jewellery Pose

Jewellery is part of our culture. We have the most unique design jewellery out in the world. Indian brides wear very expensive jewellery at their wedding ceremony with pride plus it increases the beauty of that bride’s overall look. You don’t need to wear heavy jewellery to look good but a piece of moderate jewellery has the same magnetic effect as a heavy one. The jewellery poses are very minimal and look simple. In this bridal Pose, the bride pays with her bangles or she is adjusting her necklace without making any direct contact with the camera lens. In those poses, she looks peaceful, happy, and calm without any extra effort.

7. The Top Angle Pose

Top-angle photos are something unique. We don’t think you ever capture any top angles photos of yourself with a smartphone. Most people don’t know how to capture that type of photo because there are very technical things involved with lighting, angles, camera lenses, and many more plus it looks good only with professional photographers. So, don’t miss capturing that top-angle photo with your ready-for-wedding avatar. From this angle, the bride’s full body is easily recognizable with perfect makeup, jewellery, and hair. This type of photo can make your album unique because most birds didn’t know the importance of that photo.

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Image Courtesy: PR Studio

8. Bride Future Pose

In this pose, the bride can pose near the window with a vintage curtain to make her face glow with outdoor natural lighting. The funny thing is that the bride didn’t have to do much with that photo nor the photographer. The birds just have to stand there with simplicity to get a perfect angle. You have to look outside with a smile as you’re facing your future life from the window itself. This photo looks even greater with wooden windows than any other window that wasn’t able to give that vintage vibe.

Image Courtesy:  Rishabh Sood

9. The Queen Pose

The bride is the most beautiful woman in the wedding ceremony and she must be treated as a queen. Let us give you a chance to showcase your royal bride’s look with our photos. The Queen looks good on her throne. So sit on your throne with elegance and pride. Look straight at the camera lens with confidence to show your beauty as a queen. You can also try different bridal poses while sitting on your throne plus you can add your friends to this queen theme and show them as your servant in a funny way.

10. Brides Classic Pose

Getting ready for a wedding ceremony is not an easy task. It takes lots of time, that’s why it should be captured as photos. The perfect full portrait photo with a different angle is perfect to capture every element of a beautiful bride. From classic standing poses to side poses, there are multiple poses you can play with. We think all poses look good on brides no matter what. The trick to a good standing portrait pose is confidence and calmness while doing any pose. Although, maintaining your outfit bit your hands is as much as important as confidence because it shows how comfortable you are with your outfit plus it shows steadiness in your character.

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