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Modern Indian Wedding Photography for the Discerning Couple

We have a team of experts for different types of videos and Photography. As the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we know every small to big detail for producing the best content for your wedding ceremony. You can trust the Sparkling Wedding service with all your photographer-related work. Our experts are well known for clicking magical photos with perfect creativity and full of emotions. You can look out for all our services down below and contact us for any quarry and booking.

What We Offers

Pre Wedding Photography

Why wait for a special occasion to make memories? Capture your unique chemistry creatively with the help of our pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata and cherish happy moments today.

Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing your genuine joy and smiles, candid shots offer an authentic glimpse into your moments. It’s no wonder why our candid wedding photography service is so popular.

Destination Wedding Photography

How about filling a touch of adventure into your wedding celebration? We have a passion for blending the richness of traditional rituals with stunning natural settings to create unforgettable moments.

Cinematic Wedding Video

A cinematic wedding video breathes life back into your cherished moments, allowing you to revisit your special day. Our seasoned cinematographers capture every smile and tear, ensuring no precious moments are overlooked.

Creative Wedding photography

Wedding photography has become an integral part of your wedding journey. To ensure you capture the most exquisite shots, The Sparkling Wedding is blessed with a team of top creative wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Pre - Wedding Videos

A cinematic wedding video brings your precious moments back to life, allowing you to experience the day all over again. Our skilled cinematographers ensure that no laughter or tears go unnoticed, capturing every emotion in exquisite detail.

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