We are the professionals, creative Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers come to provide you with excellent and affordable photography for the wedding. If you are looking for something new and bored with the cliché poses in every wedding that the bride and grooms presents, then it is the time for you to look for good photographers. We are too flexible in every situation and make our clients feel comfortable with cameras. The Sparkling Wedding assures you for marvellous pictures for your wedding session.

To get a great result, we use Canon Sony Fuji Nikon

Sony A9 Sony A7R IV XT3 XT4 A7S II A7 III 5d Mark IVs, 5d Mark III and 5d Mark IIs for the candid and filmmaking throughout the wedding. Besides these we work with glide cams, cine sliders, fig rigs, go props, filters, studio lights, wireless radio triggers and the best types of lenses – like 14mm f/2.8 II USM, 16-35mm f/2.8 USM, 24-70mm f/2.8 USM, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM, DJI DRONES

100mm f/2.8 macro, 24 mm f/1.4 USM, 50mm f/1.4 USM, 35mm f/1.4 USM, 25-104 f/4L IS USM and many other types of camera

Wedding cinematography is a different and unique kind of cinematography presents the wedding entirely as a cinema with light, songs, dance sequences. We make your film “LARGER THAN LIFE” with cinematic extravaganza. Not only that, we add the Interviews of the bride and grooms even their parents or other relatives. There you can hear their story, their future dreams, their expectations from each other and the family they are going attached with. The past memorable moments with parents – everything will be displayed in the beautifully cinematic way that encourages you to watch your wedding video and ruminating those past beautiful moments again and again.

Just go through our clicked Photos and videos provided on the website. If it looks totally confusing to you just give us a call at 07439968048 and say ‘hello’ and let’s talk. We promise it will clear your confusion.

Our rates are completely flexible and affordable, vary according to your needs. The rates are varied over how many hours you need us and what type of service you require for. The rate starts at 80k. And it may arise to 5-8 Lakhs as per your need.

After reaching the proper venue, we start our working hours till the shooting come to its end. The resting periods are also counted and calculated as working time. We maintain this rule as we worked over every assignment with sheer dedication and we are hoped to get paid properly.

We are very much particular about the payment matter. We deserve a rightful payment as we work very hard to assure your happiness.

At the time of booking, we hope to be paid 50 % of the total amount and the booking will be finalized after getting money into our account. 50% on the event day.

There is no over demand or excess payment. We are comfortable with any mode of payment.

Remember one thing, after 100 per cent payment is finalised and confirmed, we will start our editing and the rest of our works like the photo and video editing. If there is any problem with payment think there will be some extension of time and delay in delivery.

For most of the time, we do not charge any extra money for travelling to any location. The bookings are done by us. We do not ask for extra money to get to your nearest airport from our city but the local travels must be sponsored by you or our clients. In the case of accommodation, we really need accommodation for our clients, if we are doing overnight shooting or staying for long hours. We hope for no special hospitality but place us where you are placing your other guests.

RAW Images will be delivered within two weeks. The final photos/ videos of yours will be delivered to you within 8 or 12 weeks after the selection is done from client’s end. . Images will be transferred online or courier after your ceremony is over. it is a request to check mail of confirmation.

Therefore, select photos from given copy for the final touch, your approved pictures will showcase on your final album.

Please note: Delivery of Album is non-chargeable within Indian territory but in case of outside India the delivery is chargeable.

Your parcel will be sent online via web transfer.

We at least deliver 200 to 300 candid photographs depending on packages of the wedding which are thoroughly edited from the negatives. But there are no particular numbers. As per our shooting and working hours, over the content of your function, the number depends.

According to us, we normally send you a Trailer of 2-3 Minutes & full-length wedding video of 25- 30 minutes duration. The duration can be lengthened or shortened as you want for. There is no misery from us for this number. The number of photos and duration are completely depended on our client’s requirements.

The answer depends on what kind of service you want from us. Well, for some idea, we deliver edited photographs: candid mainly; DVD/ online; printed photo albums (premium photo album with matte and glossy finish paper of 175 grams); an edited cinematic film in HD mainly in DVDs/ online.

If you need your shoot videos or photos or wish for bridal cuts, Ariel or unwater shots, slide shows, Facebook galleries, online sites – there are unending options to follow and to give.

Oh yes! There is no doubt about that. We surely will help you to get traditional photos of a wedding. Though we mainly work as candid photographers and videographers, still we sometimes provide the traditional photos too, like – portrait of bride and grooms, a picture of important family members and some posed shots that you are used to with. But it is our suggestion to you that if you want thorough traditional snaps, please hire a traditional photographer and a videographer too.

If you have in mind about destination wedding and videography, let us know about it and we will certainly help you by providing you with our theme wedding and videography service.

Actually, we do candid. If you want a full coverage of your every single guest then it’s our suggestion to hire a traditional photographer.

If there is any intention of traditional video for the elders to see the guests and every single moment that may make them glad, let us know and we will bring along them with us. Because we believe, candid is a completely different thing and nobody ever wants to see all of their guests for ages in a couple candid.

Our work is to cover the whole function. If there are different locations for different rituals or ‘rasams’, please inform us about your idea and we will bring a bigger team for entire coverage. If there are no traditional photographers, we sometimes click portraits or capture the used to poses of others including the couple.

But please keep in mind, if you especially want for traditional photo shoots or videos, hire them especially because you need a special extensive traditional team for it.

The total work depends on light and perfect ambience. Candid photography or cinematography also need perfect lighting and other factors. We know that it is not possible to keep everything perfect, so we will come along with our backups. As we are aware the candid could work with proper lights.

Still, there are many factors:

Provide us with all your information because that can provide you with a perfect output. So tell us your stories, what is your plan, about the guests and rituals etc. to get something better.

Contact between you and us and let us know who and what is very important to you and what we could shoot.

Tell us about your likings and disliking. Sit with us and deliver your information. If there are such photos and videos, just give us to frame how we could shoot you in better ways.

We also want to know your taste in music. What type of music you and your partner want to listen or like – give us a list of your favourite songs. Then we can sum up what is your need what could make you dance or emotional. And that can be useful to make your wedding video more tuneful and modelled.

Naturally, we have 9-10 members in a team for overall coverage. After getting the advance payment, we start our work from then. We maintain total accuracy. For every shoot, the team of ours decide to work hard over their new project and we give you the assurance of our work that we never outsource. We do not compromise with our quality of work so you can rely on us for the wedding purpose.

There will be no outsider in our team as we know the whole ceremony is a matter of personal matters and wedding photographs and films are also matters need privacy from catering, gathering, rituals. So we assure you of giving a great output that you may never ever forget.

We are wedding Photographers and filmmakers generally and we also do the corporate photo shoot. But we also make us available for shoot house party, birthdays, making documentaries. If you have in mind like something, just inform us if we are free.

Most of the time when we deliver our final work it makes our clients happy. But if there is any problem or you are asking for changes, you have only 15 days policy after the delivery. Our timeline prefers on the workload of ours so the timeline can be different from each other. If changes needed, ask us within 15 days.

Only two kinds of changes will be entertained here. If we get no news of changes then we consider that our work has made you happy.

We store the raw or negatives only for 8 weeks after a project and later we flush it. As you know space matters!

In case of wedding albums, if there is no request for changes within 15 days (as we make changes of two set in free of cost), it is sent for print. And if the design is out for printing, no changes will be granted. And the print will be done after receiving full payment.

For our package, clients should be aware of one thing, if they do not shortlist their desired photos within 15 days, we cannot make it out for print.

Whatever we do, our photos and videos are copyrighted by Sparkling Wedding. For any push up for our publicity, we also have reserved the right of publishing it or use it for any kind of promotions or contest if we take part in. But we take care of your privacy and personal angel, so there will be no such problem that may create any complication or clients feel their privacy is manhandled.

Candid is the uncalculated moments that come to us for a second or two. It needs no preparation. It is only just a genuine collection of emotions. Where bride and groom exchange their eye contact or mother’s caring nature – hugging her daughter or ear pulling of groom between several Rasam; friends’ laughing; brother running to errand, father’s anxiety, couples’ tension; guests’ faces with appreciating emotions – those are required to be the gems of a wedding ceremony.

Those special moments are captured in a natural way to continue harmony in a ceremony without the subject’s knowledge.

Only a ready hand could catch such moments to make your video or photographs more enjoyable for years.

Documentary wedding photography is to take clicks of adorable moments- sometimes perfect moments that bring happiness to a marriage ceremony. Weddings are considered the most awaited event in the life of a person. A huge term of strength, money, planning are there to make it itself a grand one.

The style wedding Photography is kind of wedding photography, that mainly focuses on the style of everything very glamorously and for the magazines that show groom and bride posing in the different beautiful background and unique background. For this reason unique camera angle, a light will be provided and other factors that affect it too.

Photos are captured in a way that presents a dazzling result and enhances the real taste of the particular couple.

Traditional Wedding Photography is the kind of Photography that is pre-planned and you get lots of commands from a photographer. Those are old poses that a bride or groom delivers with their family, friends or loved ones.

Their photographer likes an assistant’s guide to capturing perfect pictures.

A photo booth is a set up that help those people who are shy and have lots of problem in facing cameras in front of people.

It is the technic to capture all the thrilling moments behind the shade or curtains with funny yet beautiful props.

A photo booth can be set up for various reasons – such as parties, birthdays, weddings, even in corporate sectors to push up or promote their work successfully.

If you need this kind of service, we can send a special team for setting up the set and special type of photographers, trainers to click your perfect moments with special assistance and they will hand over your photos to guests of yours instantly.

This type of shooting helps people to get perfect shots, help in increasing popularity in corporate sectors and give you the treasure for life.

This set up naturally provides excess service and chargeable according to your request.

Facebook is a media that today we use to show everything — what we like or dislike.it is highly used social networking site in the world. If you want to share your special moments or occasion with your families, friends over the social network, then there is an option called Facebook Showcase.

It is seeing as an art collection of your dream photo shoot that you cannot resist sharing with your people. So if you have decided for such collection – ask us to do.

By this, you can sort out your photos and make your own album and become famous.

After the assignment is over, we send your photos through courier. Moreover, we also upload your photos online and create a photo gallery specially for you. The galleries are private so everyman cannot access your photos. Only who has the link can apply for this. We upload these photos generally through www.flickr.com and also have a personal online application which has been hosted on www.thesparklingwedding.com/ proofs by us.

For photo album request, use this application and make your albums yourselves.

Highlight video or trailer video is a trend to make people much interested in your wedding and to make the sneak peak. Trailers are made by glimpses of your wedding, best shots which are nicely put and beautifully edited. The trailer makes other interested and makes them watch the full wedding video which possesses a full storyline up to see.

There are also options for slice videos, wow bridal cuts and selfies. Just tell us what you have decided for.

Naturally, we don’t hand over raw footages according to our rule but if there is any special request of having raw footages we sometimes consider those as special cases. Remember one thing, after delivering you the edited version, we can send you the raw images or videos. In this case, you have to give us a hard drive to transfer it.

Other photographers, they basically display those pictures which are in good qualities and effective. But in the case of us, we do not show good or bad. We work with our consistency. A good photographer must have consistency in his or her work. We have a bunch of skilful, brilliant photographers who can guarantee you on their work. They have the ability to prove their skill by delivering good and consistent shots deliberately. To satisfy our client’s requirements we choose our photographers through our own quality certification thus The Sparkling Wedding can provide you with the best photographers with super quality yet with the mellow hearted person.

We send all your photographs in an online gallery of yours, so we indulge our Photographers to serve you with best products and highest quality of editing. As we sometimes want us to promote, we take care of every single detail. We have a goal to stand our name as a super brand so we provide back up. In order to manage any kind of problems that may come. We always ready to take the challenge and give our customer the best thing so they can trust the brand and give consent to make your best day of life grand.

Though there is a zero chance of not liking our hard work. We feel that you will have no problem. To set your ideas properly we send a bunch of photographers on your request to each party to look into the details and specifications.

So if you feel any problem with any photographer still we have a cluster of them to handle your ideas.

Of course, we do. We are very much responsible to make our clients happy by retouching the photos beautifully. Though every photo goes through processing in our lab, we like to fulfil what our people need to make it more photogenic.

We make sure that digital retouching may not hamper the originals of yours.

Yes, of course, we do.

Nothing would make us happier than taking a shot. We would like to take an interview and capture photos during the wedding period.

We are experienced in capturing ultra-fine, finely drawn photos in moments in totally unpresuming, unaggressive manner.

That result will be no bothering of you and you can keep shots naturally with real emotions.

Frankly saying, we are the expert with a camera. We can handle any situation and can continue work in any tough condition. We are bound to do that. We shoot many photographs which are really different shots rather taken by any other hands. We know you don’t want any hiccups on your best day.

We are artistic people adept with a various and modern process of doing photography or cinematography. Even in high pressure, we are proficient to take your beautiful pictures, your interviews and of course filming your shots nicely that must stay in your heart as dazzling memories.

Trust us and relax.

Yes, that is the answer to your question. Once you hire us for your wedding, the rest of a headache is ours, literary ours. As your wedding day starts approaching fast, we contact you ourselves and want to know your resolution, experience, expectations and last but not the least your story. After having a good idea we can start shoot according to your wish and think.

We believe in work and progress. It is not about boasting ourselves but we do believe in working.

The Sparkling Wedding is actually considered as one of the reputed, technologically forward and cutting edge, Photography companies in India among the highest rated wedding Photography companies.

We use advanced technologies to serve best to our clients. And we have placed newly formed software and applications to help people who choose us:

After signing up, you will have the chance to access your own online gallery with great security.

When we will be done processing with your photos and videos, you can watch all your photos and videos.

You can select and share your photos and videos there for your album.

You can drag, drop, re-arrange, change sequence according to your wish.

And we will pick the changes for you.

We also possess file transfer management and CMR, here you get automated updates.

As you have easy access to the customer portal, you can check our progress. There is no need for tiresome calling repeatedly.

Here you get access to raise tickets for every important issue.

For any changes and request, just submit your words and we will take care of it.

So you just have to log in and know our progress and relax. Amazing, right?

The Sparkling Wedding has an excellent eye for photography, a skilful mind for new ideas and ready hands. Even we are technologically advanced, that gives us another level from any other Photography Companies.