Reception Banarasi Saree for Bengali Wedding

Benarasi sarees are one of the most elegant and popular attire for women. The Benarasi Saree is a traditional Indian dress that is worn by women at their weddings. It has been worn by Indian women since ancient times.

There are many different styles of Benarasi Sarees that are designed for different occasions, but the reception Benarasi Saree is one of the best options for a Bengali Wedding. This particular Benarasi Sari is designed to be worn at the time of reception after the wedding ceremony and before going to a party or event. Here are the few most popular benarasi saree you can wear at your wedding reception.

1. Evergreen Red Banarasi Saree For A Gorgeous Bride

Being wedding photographers in Kolkata we have already worked with multiple brides and seen different reception Banarasi Saree but the most loved one among all of them is the red one. It’s the most used and most beautiful colour to wear on any occasion. Although, it looks good on every type, shape, and colour of the body. You can even try different colours with red as well but we recommend you go with full red attire to catch everyone’s attention towards you. This authentic Bengali reception saree also adds some unknown magic to your photos as well.

2. Sparkling Yellow Banarasi Saree With Red Blouse

Yellow is a bright colour and it’s a great choice for the Banarasi saree style for a Bengali wedding ceremony. You can wear this shining yellow with a red blouse. It automatically sparks your beauty in front of the wedding photography team in Kolkata to take a single gorgeous portrait. Yellow has its charm so it doesn’t need the support of any extra accessories, just wear light makeup with it and it will do the rest of its job. Although, the combo of red is also bringing you into the spotlight of your wedding reception party.

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Image Courtesy: Panashindia

3. Elegance Can Be Achieved By Sweet Pink Banarasi Saree

If you want to look elegant then a pink banarasi saree is the best choice for you to wear at your wedding reception. Pink is a colour that is not suited for every face structure but to whom it’s suited it shows that person’s prettiest avatar to the public. The pink saree comes with multiple different zari designs in fine silk fabric with a heavily embroidered border. Although all this design is enough to make this saree one of the most beautiful out there, if you are not satisfied you can increase its beauty by wearing pretty makeup and some simple jewellery as per your preference. As the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, we’re always ready to click your prettiest look in our cameras. So try to look as pretty as you can in a full pink saree.

Image Courtesy: Indiamart

4. Something Unique With Blue Banarasi Saree

You’re probably going to love the full-blue banarasi saree. This blue colour is unique and looks sophisticated. The heavy gold jewellery of the happy bride with gold necklaces, Kaner-dul, chick, and lustrous bangles looks great in a blue banarasi saree style for a Bengali wedding. Although how can you forget the detailing of the extremely beautiful zari design all over this blue banarasi saree. This type of unique sarees is unexpected for people in your wedding reception ceremony. It’s also able to grab the attention of people around you faster than any other outfit. Make sure to get comfortable with this saree before going in public.
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Image Courtesy: Bhashwati Paul

5. Let’s Try Black Banarsi Saree With Red Blouse

Black is usually not considered a wedding colour but it looks royal if you wear it with the correct accessories. It’s a dark colour, if you add some bright colour to it, you’ll notice the beauty of black. The best colour you can use to make your black bride’s saree a positive outfit is the red blouse. Yes, full sleeves red blouse with full black and a golden zari work. This combo is one of the greatest you’ve ever seen. Make sure you wear gold shining jewellery with it to make it shinier. You can even add a red rose to your hair as well with a red bindi to increase the red colour in your shining Combo.

Image Courtesy: Etsy

6. Green Banarasi Saree For A Lavishing Look

Green represents nature’s greenery. Green is a minimal colour and looks beautiful to almost everyone. You can wear this green reception wedding saree with different kinds of jewellery whether it’s diamond or gold both look great on it. Green is the only colour saree, which looks great with almost every accessory you wear. it didn’t require much makeup as well. Not everyone wants to look at a walking tube light in a reception. If you’re one of them then you should go with a minimal look throughout your reception with this green banarasi saree.

Image Courtesy: Mymandap

7. Combo of colourful red and blue Banarasi saree

Contrasting colours are becoming a trend nowadays because they look great. On one side red is a shining colour. It attracts everyone’s attention toward you and blue is a much calmer colour. It shows peace and calmness. Both colours perfectly supported each other. It’s a great combo for a bride who wants to maintain the balance between beauty and class. Make sure you go with a full red saree with a blue blouse and don’t forget to wear your gold jewellery with a red bindi. Our wedding photography team in Kolkata is always ready to make your look more creative with our candid photoshoots.

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Image Courtesy: Kollybollyethnics

8. The Classic red and white Banarasi saree

The red and white Banarasi saree is the trademark of the Kolkata wedding ceremony. This off-beat combo looks gorgeous with heavy gold jewellery. The white saree with gold zari design and red border gives this saree a royal touch. This kind of saree is also mentioned in multiple different Bollywood movies as well. There is no compression of this saree with others. If you want to freeze everyone just by your look then this is the only saree you need to wear at your wedding reception.

Image Courtesy:  Febweddings

9. The beauty of the bold magenta Banarasi saree

The magenta colour Banarasi saree gives a different look to the bride from other outfits. The best part of this saree is you can easily match this saree with your jewellery, flowers, and even makeup colour. That makes this saree something different from other saree. It can attract anyone’s attention because this colour saree is hardly worn by any woman. Lots of women didn’t know the beauty of magenta saree and this saree does not look nice in lots of body types as well. If it suits your body and facial structure then this is the perfect choice for you.

Image Courtesy: Wedmegood

10. Bring strong light with light colour Banarasi saree

Lots of women don’t like light colour saree as their wedding reception attire. The reason is simple : women want to look bright in their attire but trust us it’s not a fact. Light colours also look great with light makeup and simple jewellery. Try it once then you know the actual importance of light colour in wedding reception.

Image Courtesy: Weddingwire

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