Top 10 Haldi poses for bride

The Haldi ceremony is a Hindu ritual and it’s been celebrated for the last thousands of years in India. It’s celebrated before the actual wedding when couples’ families and close friends rub Haldi on the bride and groom’s body before the ceremony bath. This Haldi paste is made with turmeric (Haldi), sandalwood, gram flour primarily and curd.

In this ritual, all family and close friends come together and enjoy this vibrant ritual. Yellow faces, a full family, and lots of fun make this moment very enjoyable. But, with the good Haldi poses and Experienced Photographers you can make this moment even more enjoyable.

Here are the top 10 Haldi poses for a bride to look more beautiful at her haldi ceremony.

1. Surrounding Haldi’s hand pose

In India, the beautiful beginning of new life starts with a bright yellow colour. So, why not capture this moment for the rest of our lives as a symbol of our fresh beginning with a Candid Wedding Photographer. Let’s start with a simple yet sweet pose for your Haldi ceremony, a surrounding Haldi hand pose that shows your Haldi ceremony starting point. In this pose, the bride’s face is the main focus. Family and friends Haldi applied hand comes around to the bride’s face making the bride a sunflower. This pose clearly shows the bride’s beauty, charm and truthfulness before the actual wedding ceremony. People can only see the bride’s natural beauty.

Image Courtesy: Pellipoolajada

2. Stylish Haldi pose with a loving sister

Sister’s bond is something we cannot explain in words because that’s a blood relation and that cannot be broken by any circumstances. We know how to bring that sweet sisterhood in front of the camera with our stylish sisters’ poses. We grow up with our sisters from childhood to adulthood and certainly know each other better than others. We spend most of our time with our sister whether it’s at the dining table, at shopping malls or sleeping. She certainly is a big part of your life at every big and small event and she deserves to be a part of your wedding album at all ceremonies to make your moment more special.

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Image Courtesy: Parul Dhamija

3. Cinematic flower shower with Haldi pose

Flowers are the symbol of beauty and they bring joy to all Indian ceremonies. Flowers can be used in multiple ways in weddings to increase their beauty plus it gives positive vibes to all members. The most unique and popular pose in Haldi is the flower shower where the bride takes a shower of flowers as its name says. It takes lots of flower petals and your friends to throw them at you. It can give you a cinematic photo which can make your wedding album stunning. Make sure you arrange all the flower Petals before your Haldi ceremony to get a perfect photo.

Image Courtesy: Wittyvows

4. Happy Haldi pose with a mother

Mother is everything to us. They take care of us, feed us, and teach us throughout our life and she is the biggest strength we have. If there is any scale to measure the happiness of a marriage ceremony then we are sure that our mother gets top on that scale every time because their love is unconditional and it’s increasing day by day. All that emotions, love, and happiness can be carried through with the right Haldi poses, which we suggest you in your Haldi ceremony with your mother.

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Image Courtesy: 1 plus 1 studio

5.  Haldi pose with some unique dance moves

This is the best way to click some great pictures with different dance poses after all it’s the happiest moments of your life. So make sure you and your family dance freely without any worry and enjoy every moment of your Haldi ceremony. The unique and funky dance move with big smiles always brings a sweet smile to your face whenever you see those pictures of your future. Such a quacky picture always gives your wedding album positive vibes. Just play any songs you and your family love and dance with a flow. It will automatically give us some great photos without doing anything special.

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Saga

6. A friend in need is a friend indeed Haldi poses

Friends are always waiting for our wedding and always ready to make our moment more special. They know how to put a smile on every face and how to make the ceremony more comfortable for everyone. Without a friend your wedding ceremony is incomplete. So if you want to make your Haldi a festival don’t forget to invite your friends. There are lots of ways you can click photos with your friend. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata have multiple ways to showcase your friendship in a funny and lovely way.

Image Courtesy: Pixela

7. Stylish Haldi poses for the bride only

Brides are the main focus of the wedding ceremony so all the attention must be given to them. But most photographers forget to do that because they are kept busy taking the bride’s family and friend’s photos and it leads to fewer photos of the most important person in a Haldi ceremony.  Best Wedding photographer in Kolkata didn’t make that type of silly mistake. Our main focus is to showcase the bride’s natural beauty without disturbing her surroundings and whenever we find a way to capture. We clicked some stylish solo photos with different poses.

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Image Courtesy: Witty Vows

8. Different Haldi poses with funny props

We didn’t use proper words from the start but nowadays it’s common to use different proper words to make the wedding ceremony more funny and enjoyable. We are always using jewellery, flowers and different clothes. Why not give it a try to props? You can buy them online or you can make your own props with your friends. It will distinguish you from others in your Haldi ceremony and make your photos look unique. You can click photos with your gang in the same props to give your album a vibrant look.

Image Courtesy: Amazon

9. Haldi poses with children’s

Children are adorable. Those little angels are the life of every ceremony. They can bring a smile to any face with their innocence and truthfulness. We are pretty sure you don’t want to lose those cute pictures we can click on with children. They can give you the cutest picture of your album. They might create some trouble during the photoshoot but if you treat them well they will agree to give a Haldi pose with you. Just make sure to try to comfort the child before clicking any photos with them.

Image Courtesy: Weddingplz

10. Haldi water shower pose

The Haldi ceremony is complete with a Haldi shower where all family members shower the bride with water to remove the Haldi from the bride. If this moment is captured by a best wedding photographer in Kolkata at the right moment it will look stunning because there are all the family members splashing water on the bride. There are no such poses a bride can do but her emotions say everything about this ceremony. Those emotions easily showcase the happiness of the bride and her family members.

Image Courtesy: WedLock Creation

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