A Decorative Punjabi Wedding Ceremony: Lots of Fun-Filled Rituals and Delicious Punjabi Foods

A proper Punjabi Wedding is full of fun-filled rituals, singing, and dancing, and the most important segment is traditional Punjabi Food. From Lassi to Malai Koftas, whole night dancing, throwing money while Barat comes, everything tells a joyful Punjabi wedding story. If you have ever attended a Traditional Punjabi Wedding, you would surely know about the ‘RASAM’ of ‘Anand Karaj’, which is considered the holy union of two souls where the Bride and Groom visit Gurudwara and bow down before the Guru Granth Sahib to take blessings. 

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Some Traditional Customs of Punjabi Wedding that Give True Punjabi Vibes

A Traditional Sikh marriage or ‘Anand Karaj’ comprises various joyful rituals that always happen. The celebration started a week ago with the ‘RASAM’ of ‘Akhand Paath’, where some family members visit Gurdwara to read the entire ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ for three days. The family of the Bride and Groom separately accomplish this ritual. With this, the family members will also distribute some sweets known as ‘KARAH PRASAD’. Sometimes they will also offer a grand community meal at the Gurudwara, often called ‘LANGAR.’

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‘CHUNNI CHADANA’ will happen a few days before the main Wedding, i.e. ‘ANAND KARAJ’. Here, the Groom’s relatives give a long cloth to the Bride, which is supposed to be worn on the day of the Wedding. The Groom’s mother covers the Bride’s hand with a’ CHUNNI’ holy cloth. 

‘MEHENDI’ ceremony is also a significant part of the Punjabi Wedding. Generally, this is practiced a few days before D-day. Lots of music, dance, and fun are the necessary segments of ‘Mehendi’. This dazzling celebration will be incomplete without the beautiful Mehendi designs that will be applied to the Bride’s hand. 


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On the wedding day, the Groom wears a ‘Sehra’, a curtain made of flowers, golden ribbons, and pearls that covers the Groom’s face. This ritual is known as ‘SEHRA BANDI’. After the arrival of BAARAT, the ‘ANAND KARAJ’ starts. The marriage is completed with the RASAM of ‘LAAVAN PHERAS’, where the couple walks around the sacred Guru Granth Sahib with the recitation of Lavaas or stanzas from that holy book. The whole process is repeated three times after each ‘Lavaa’.   


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The Traditional Punjabi Wedding also has some more customs which may or may not be maintained. This can be varied on the basis of the families’ culture and traditions. 

 Every wedding ceremony is incomplete without a grand Reception party. The Reception is hosted by the Groom’s side to honor the newlywed couple. Invitees enjoy delicious meals along with dance and music. Sometimes, Dhol and Nagade will be played at the venue as a part of the celebration. 

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