Candid Wedding Photography

Exemplary Candid Wedding Photography

A wedding is one of the precious and happiest moments of your life. You, the main attraction of this beautiful ceremony, are surrounded by people whom you loved most, there is lovely music, stunning decoration, and most importantly mouth-watering delicious food. Everyone dances around you, enjoying and finally, when the celebrations are over, those wonderful memories remain forever in the form of photographs and wedding films. In short, wedding photographs and videos are the gateways to those old lovely precious memories that we cherished forever.

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

The candid photoshoot is the most unique way of capturing a couple’s emotions and facial expressions without any particular themes, costumes and fancy poses. It show the natural beauty of the couple.

This is a new way of creating a beautiful collage of couples photos and its main focus is to capture realistic photos. So, whenever you plan a candid photoshoot make sure you discuss with your photographer in detail for good-looking photos. Otherwise, those photos look unrealistic.

Difference between Traditional Photography and Candid Wedding Photography

India is famous for its colour, food and especially our spiritual beliefs. Even modern science believes in India’s old traditions and rituals. Nowadays couples have many different options for marriage photoshoots but the traditional way is still considered the most chosen one because it shows the couple’s background roots and it also shows respect to our sages and we’ll structured traditions.

On the other hand, lots of people are moving to a new method of the photoshoot, which is called candid photography. It looks beautiful because it shows couples with unexpected expressions. In traditional photography you’re going to see multiple different emotions, some are fake, some are real. But in candid photography it’s fully focused on real-time emotions. You can check our portfolio for a better understanding, just dial our number we’re here to help you.

What is the Special about Us?

The Sparkling Wedding service is established for providing exceptional photoshoots to newly wedded couples in different ways. We are a team of young and enthusiastic photographers who can surely shoot evergreen photos which can last for the rest of your life.

Our photographers have different kinds of location ideas with multiple different photo tricks. We believe in quality photos which is why our every photo looks different from each other.

The Magical Moments

Magical photos can be created by magical hands and they need years of experience, hard work, and passion. Luckily, We know how to create that charm in your wedding photos and a Candid photoshoot suit best for that magic.

We already explore almost all wedding photoshoot locations in Kolkata and worked with many couples. So, we know how to create your candid photoshoot mesmerising.

Important Tips to be Remembered in Candid Photography

Observe Carefully

Candid photography is all about observation and timing if a photographer wants to capture the real emotions he/she has to observe the wedding location surrounding like location, couple, there friends and everything they are doing throughout their wedding.

Your Unique Style

Every photographer brings their unique style in their photos and that unique style gives unique look to your wedding album. So, it’s up to you to choose the correct photographer.

Your Perseverance is the Right Key

In candid photography, Perseverance places a major role. Human emotions are hard to predict but with Perseverance, you can capture those happy or sad moments at their peak.

TSW is the Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Every couple wants exceptional photos of their wedding because they know a wedding is not going to come again its a one-way root in India. We didn’t give us the position of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata but this position is given by our clients.

They know how we worked and they still recommend our services to their friends and family. We are the most trusted, talented and easy-to-work-with photographers teams out there with a very reasonable budget.

How can you reach us?


Contacting us is very easy you can visit Sparkling Wedding Photography’s official website from Google. Here you can see options for WhatsApp and direct phone calls on the homescreen you can choose any of them or you can contact us through e-mail as well.