Are you marrying a Bengali? You’ll Experience These Things!

If you are planning to marry a Bengali, you are getting ready for a complete package of fun entertainment and drama. Traditional at heart and modern in outlook, Bengalis are an artistic, entertaining, and passionate community of people. Therefore, if you are ready to set the journey of your life with the Bengali, you are going to definitely experience these things.

Get used to endless discussions and debates

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Adda is the national pastime when it comes to Bengalis. No topic comes beyond the scope of debate and discussion for a Bengali. They are ready to give opinions about everything in the world. If you disagree with those opinions, it is not easy to simply walk away without discussing or debating with them over a hot cup of tea.

Durga Puja is above all festivals in the world

The increase in the state of fun and excitement in the Bengali heart is inversely proportional to the number of days left in Durga Puja. Months of planning and shopping are still not done when it comes to the last 5 days of Durga Puja. There’s always something left. The sound of dhaaks, colour coordinated outfits, pandal hopping till early morning and sumptuous meals with awesome street food is what a Bengali soul literally lives for.

Apart from that, taking captures of insta word the moments is not something to be missed. So, if you are going to get married during the occasion of Durga Puja, make sure to hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata as wedding photographers in Kolkata have a tight schedule and photography and capturing beautiful moments are an emotion for Bengalis. If you plan to shoot a Pre wedding in Durga Puja, there are lots of beautiful destinations out there and you can hire the best Pre wedding photographer in Kolkata for capturing the best moments of your romance.

Food comes before anything else

While others eat to live, Bengalis live to eat. Every celebration accounts for good food. Even if your partner is not conversing with you while eating, that is because they are already thinking about their next sumptuous meal while they are still having this one. If you aren’t a foodie, gradually, you will be pushed over to the other side after marrying a Bengali. Therefore, brace yourselves.

These days, food photography is also on the rise among the Bengali community. If you hire the best wedding photographers in Kolkata for your wedding, you will know their experience of clicking pictures of Bengali food items to be kept as a memory of a wedding meal. If you intend to do so, make sure to hire a candid photographer in Kolkata for capturing those beautiful moments of ‘bhuribhoj’

They read a lot and are knowledgeable

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Having been born and brought up on a diet of all kinds of magazines, periodicals and books, Bengalis are full of information and are well read. You simply cannot watch, read or make an observation about something without being told at least one fact about it which you were not aware of earlier. Slowly, you will just learn to deal with it.

Getting used to bizarre  names


Baby Bhutaan/Bhutan











Daak naam or pet names are an emotion for Bengalis. For every unique, beautiful and difficult to pronounce name there is an embarrassing pet name which every Bengali hides from their professional cycle. Make sure to not be confused if your intelligent, super attractive and articulate partner is called ‘bumba’ or ‘potka’ at home. It is a sign of a happy and normal Bengali childhood.

A lot of rituals are coming your way

Bengali celebrations and rituals are very entertaining and colourful. If you are married to a Bengali, not only will your wedding be super fun and unique but you will also have a lot of Post and Pre wedding rituals. Book the best wedding photography packages in Kolkata for your pre wedding photography in Kolkata. From ‘Aiburobhaat’ to ‘Gaye Holud’ there are lots of occasions that the entire family of the bride and groom enjoys before the wedding. You are going to be entertained forever in a Bengali household.

You are marrying an event but not a person

Marrying a Bengali person would guarantee a one-person cultural event for you daily throughout the rest of the days of your life. Any average Bengali knows how to sing, how to cook, how to paint, how to dance and how to play at least three to four musical instruments. They also have unique talents like rhythmic eyebrow movement, prolonged whistling or reciting songs backward.

No occasion is complete without gifts

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Bengalis are the believers of giving and getting gifts. It is one of those beliefs that is reflected in the culture and tradition of wedding gifts. They are considered to be the marks of acceptance, respect and aesthetic sense within Bengali culture. Therefore, if you are marrying a Bengali, make sure to expect an array of gifts.

These are some of the things you are going to experience if you are marrying into a Bengali household. Are you planning to get married soon? Choose from our wedding photography packages in Kolkata and experience your dream wedding.



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